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ABC Farm

ABC Farm is a specialized program for young children ranging in ages from 3 to 5. It provides a plentiful environment for learning the alphabet and English words for children, and it can also be an optimal way of home schooling for parents. Cards with lively photographs, eye-catching artwork, and vivid clay works help young kids naturally learn high-frequency words. The talking machine “MyCom” is specially designed to give children opportunities to hear the sounds of each card and record their own voice by easy-touching. ABC Farm introduces kids to the joyful world of English step by step.

  1. Age
    - 3~5 years old
  2. Composition
    - Cards(7 volumes)
    - Work Books(5 volumes)
    - M.I. Storybooks(6 volumes)
    - Talking Machine(1 set)

Word Farm

Word Farm is programmed for 4˜6 year old kids who are experiencing English for the first time. This program places a great emphasis on being familiar with English and acquiring basic words naturally. Dimpy’s story will develop good habits, friendship, and thinking ability in children of those ages and will enlarge their English vocabulary. The talking machine “MyCom” is a great help for building kids’ phonetic skills because they can listen to the exact pronunciation of words by touching the pictures on each page. The eye-catching pictures and high-qualified illustrations are its pride.

  1. Age
    - 4~6 years old
  2. Composition
    - Big Books (7 volumes)
    - Touch Books (7 volumes)
    - Theme Books (7 volumes)
    - Work Books (7 volumes)
    - Song Books (2 volumes)
    - Talking Machine (1 set)


HELLO! BOOKIES is programmed for children in primary school who learn English as a foreign language. This program places a great emphasis on developing literary sensibilities and understanding global culture and civilization. A variety of themes and genres of storybooks will enhance children’s reading ability, especially their English literacy. Practice Books offer appropriate skills in language art, math, art, science, and nature through various activities. HELLO! BOOKIES introduces children to the delightful world of stories with beautifully illustrated books.

  1. Book Specification
    - 228mm x 250mm
    - 220mm x 270mm
    - 32~40 pages
  2. Age
    - 7~13 years old
  3. Composition
    - Storybooks & Audio Tapes (48 volumes each)
    - Practice Books (48 volumes)
    - Practice Guide Books (4 volumes)

+JEM Kids

+JEM Kids is an English learning program designed to help children acquire basic sentence structures by repeating patterns they find in Story Books. Story Books contain interesting stories about four distinctive characters that kids become familiar with. This allows them to approach English with ease. Class Books provide children with a variety of activities that enable them to practice the sentence patterns learned in Story Books. They can make their own sentences with the included sentence pattern cards.
+JEM Kids offers an Automatic Calling System (ACS), which allows children to receive a call automatically at an appointed hour. They listen to lectures about Story Books. In addition, our Internet homepage ( offers e-book versions of Story Books and video lectures of Class Books.

  1. Book Specification
    - 230mm x 235mm
    - 210mm x 235mm
    - 16 pages
  2. Age
    - 7~11 years old
  3. Composition
    - Story Books (144 Volumes)
    - Class Books & Guide Books (48 volumes each)

+JEM Junior/Senior

+JEM is a total English learning program designed to help children acquire listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. +JEM Classic Tales introduces kids and teens to the world’s greatest and most beloved stories of all time. Each book includes a wide variety of stimulating activities to check comprehension, practice vocabulary and grammar, and improve listening skills. +JEM offers an Automatic Calling System (ACS), which allows children and teens to receive a call automatically at an appointed time. They listen to a lecture and take regular tests every day over the telephone. Plus, our Internet homepage ( offers an abundance of English learning resources and useful information on how to use the program effectively.

  1. Book Specification
    - 210mm x 236mm
    - 40~80 pages
  2. Age
    - 10~18 years old
  3. Composition
    - Class Books(48 volumes)
    - Classic Tales & Audio Tapes(48 volumes each)